Technical support

MyDogExpo - platform of the Dog Show organization

MyDogExpo – is a platform designed to optimize and facilitate relations between the exhibitor and organizer of the dog show.

What are the opportunities offered by our system?

  • Registration for the Dog Show in a few clicks. This is an opportunity to add all the dogs of your kennel to your personal account and register for any Dog Show you are interested in a few seconds.
  • Results of the Dog Show displayed in real time.
  • Online payment for all of your registrations.
  • All information electronically. You no longer need a bale of paper and hikes in the Bank, all you need to register for the Dog Show is a credit card and a good mood)
  • Bind to a class by the dogs date of birth.

We are glad to welcome you in our system and hope for a positive emotions while working with MyDogExpo